Remembering Bill Rieflin, 1960-2020

Sad news on Tuesday in Seattle, Athens and around the world wherever anyone was lucky enough to know Bill Rieflin. I adored him as an extraordinary musician, a complete gentleman and a gentle soul. And a true friend to his fellow travelers. Bill was a lifer, an accomplished musician known for his work with Ministry, … Continue reading Remembering Bill Rieflin, 1960-2020

Congressional Testimony, “Pearl Jam/Ticketmaster” Hearings, 1994

Mr. CONDIT. Our next witness is Mr. Downs. Mr. Downs is the attorney for R.E.M. and he is also a professor for the University of Georgia School of Law. Thank you for being here today.   STATEMENT OF BERTIS DOWNS, ATTORNEY, R^.M., AND AD- JUNCT PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA SCHOOL OF LAW, ATHENS, GA   … Continue reading Congressional Testimony, “Pearl Jam/Ticketmaster” Hearings, 1994