April 5th is a very special day to lots of people, 1980 – 2020 . . .

(this part written late on 4/4/20): April 5, 2020, 40 years since R.E.M. played their first show--  no band name yet, hadn't decided yet, at Kathleen O'Brien's birthday party at the old St Mary's church in Athens GA on Oconee Street on the way down the hill toward the river. I wasn't there-- even then … Continue reading April 5th is a very special day to lots of people, 1980 – 2020 . . .

Remembering Bill Rieflin, 1960-2020

Sad news on Tuesday in Seattle, Athens and around the world wherever anyone was lucky enough to know Bill Rieflin. I adored him as an extraordinary musician, a complete gentleman and a gentle soul. And a true friend to his fellow travelers. Bill was a lifer, an accomplished musician known for his work with Ministry, … Continue reading Remembering Bill Rieflin, 1960-2020

Congressional Testimony, “Pearl Jam/Ticketmaster” Hearings, 1994

Mr. CONDIT. Our next witness is Mr. Downs. Mr. Downs is the attorney for R.E.M. and he is also a professor for the University of Georgia School of Law. Thank you for being here today.   STATEMENT OF BERTIS DOWNS, ATTORNEY, R^.M., AND AD- JUNCT PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA SCHOOL OF LAW, ATHENS, GA   … Continue reading Congressional Testimony, “Pearl Jam/Ticketmaster” Hearings, 1994