Remembering Bill Rieflin, 1960-2020

Sad news on Tuesday in Seattle, Athens and around the world wherever anyone was lucky enough to know Bill Rieflin. I adored him as an extraordinary musician, a complete gentleman and a gentle soul. And a true friend to his fellow travelers. Bill was a lifer, an accomplished musician known for his work with Ministry, … Continue reading Remembering Bill Rieflin, 1960-2020

August 11, 1995: Third Time’s the Charm in Prague

August 11, 1995: It was twenty years ago today: the third time really was a charm. After postponements occasioned by Bill’s brain surgery in March and Mike’s gut surgery in July, R.E.M. FINALLY got to play their show in Prague (although Michael was not exactly feeling fine during the show); one of my favorite photographs … Continue reading August 11, 1995: Third Time’s the Charm in Prague

Postcard from Prague 2005

We are in Prague, where in 1995 we finally got to play in August after cancelling in March for Bill's brain surgery and in July for Mike's abdominal surgery. This time, as of just before showtime, all are healthy and fit as fiddles, and the way the shows have been going, fans in the brand … Continue reading Postcard from Prague 2005