A Gentle Suggestion for Mike Bloomberg, who wants to “Get It Done”

So Mike Bloomberg will be in the debate tomorrow night, that's new news. Here's a suggestion for Mike to "get it done" (Probably just a thought experiment, but maybe....) Take the billions he’s budgeted for his vanity campaign— divide the assets into two piles, one half to dedicated to attack/counter-misinformation ads and social media deployed … Continue reading A Gentle Suggestion for Mike Bloomberg, who wants to “Get It Done”

Like boats passing in the twilight

Athens education friends, CCSD friends, well it seems that sadly, the #slowmovingtrainwreckdumpsterfire has gained some momentum: here goes (with apologies and full credit to @SethAbramson^ for the inspiration) "With last night's latest in a flurry of CCSD announcements, on a Friday evening, the district’s unbearably slow-moving chaos machine has gathered steam: there have now been 15* principal … Continue reading Like boats passing in the twilight

Candid Feedback

Cedar/Central friends, CCSD friends, Athens and Georgia public education friends: This sounds like a promising approach in helping diverse and effective schools thrive-- a story from, of all places, Iowa: berto.fyi/IowaStudentLedPD " 'Unless we get feedback from diverse perspectives, we can only operate from what we know—and what we know is limited because it's just … Continue reading Candid Feedback

Respect and Fulfillment

Education friends, CCSD friends: Of the many issues I care about in public education, including effective and thriving integrated schools and community engagement and support of our schools, none is more critical than that our teachers are respected and fulfilled in their profession. And that is why I share this piece about a recent poll … Continue reading Respect and Fulfillment