A Gentle Suggestion for Mike Bloomberg, who wants to “Get It Done”

So Mike Bloomberg will be in the debate tomorrow night, that’s new news.
Here’s a suggestion for Mike to “get it done” (Probably just a thought experiment, but maybe….)
Take the billions he’s budgeted for his vanity campaign— divide the assets into two piles,
  • one half to dedicated to attack/counter-misinformation ads and social media deployed against Trump on behalf of whichever D candidate is the nominee coming out of Milwaukee, and
  • the other half to be immediately donated among the best groups doing the best pro-democracy, anti-autocracy, vital issue work along the likes of Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, PFAW’s Right Wing Watch, Color of Change, Women’s Media Center, Moms Demand or some such, Common Cause, Network for Public Education, GLAAD, Alliance for Justice, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, CREW, NAACP, Public Citizen, Committee on States, and so on….you get the idea….

Millions of dollars right now for progressive change groups like that would do a world of good, literally.

And Mike Bloomberg would make a huge positive difference, help save the republic and go down in history a lot better than if he persists with his vanity POTUS chasing ego project that might well lead to the re-election of the current POTUS.