Georgia is turning blue, Yes, but there’s still work to do

I just came across this post from 4.5 months ago. And as hoped for, our great state of Georgia has come through, so far (the only Blue state from Virginia straights down and across to New Mexico!).

But we all still have work to do– it’s only about 5 weeks till the January 5th runoffs when we have a chance to elect two new smart practical US Senators from our great state (and replace a couple of Trumpian DC incumbents who seem to make many very bad decisions in their related political, financial and professional lives).

Let’s all help Georgia help America. And remember, every little thing we do matters and it all adds up to another Georgia Blue win in January.

Go Warnock, Go Ossoff and Go Georgia.

Original FB post July 12, 2020:

Georgia: the home of
Georgia Tech,
the University of Georgia,
Delta Airlines,
Alice Walker,
Jimmy and Rosalynn and Jason and Kate Carter,
Stacey Abrams,
Hank Aaron,
Emory, Morehouse, Mercer, Spelman,
Robert Benham,
The Jeanette Rankin Foundation,
Dr. Sanjay Gupta,
Charlayne Hunter-Gault,
John Lewis,
The Willson Center for the Humanities and the Arts,
Andrew Young,
Coca Cola,
Ebenezer Baptist Church,
Emmet Bondurant,
the CDC,
Lockheed Martin.

It’s a real shame, the government in place right now: from Brian Kemp on– it’s embarrassing and lately, dangerous.

OK, time for church, streaming through the duration of this thing

P.S.  If you want to know how you can help with the Georgia Senate runoffs, see this post.