Georgia Senate runoffs: what can I do and how can I help?

This is a note for various people wondering about the upcoming runoff elections for US Senator from Georgia who are writing and calling and asking from all over: “what can I do/how can help?”  
Well there are many possibilities beyond the usual “send money” to the campaigns (Raphael Warnock ( and Jon Ossoff ( and great groups doing vital work (listed below). 
Maybe the best thing is to think of ways you might have influence over people and dialog in Georgia….write an Op-Ed for somewhere widely read, a post on a blog, a pop-up dinner, a musical or artistic collaboration, phone-banking, door-knocking (safely), postcard-writing…maybe you’ll think of what works for you. And please keep in mind that the main thing needed in Georgia is to raise awareness of the fact of the race and the date of January 5th and then to encourage people to vote for the two exemplary Democratic candidates. 
And as well as any creative ideas you might have, here are some groups I know of who need support— check them out online and see what you might be able to offer to help them in their work:

Those groups had a lot to do with last Tuesday’s positive results in Georgia and they are already working to increase progressive turnout in the next 8 weeks for the Senate runoff.
More later, see you soon– 8 weeks til January 5th, 10+ weeks till January 20th. Come on January!
Thanks for all your help and positive energy,

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