Right now: changing Georgia governance from red to blue

IMG_7754Are you simultaneously repulsed by the rolling Trump autocracy but trying to still engage in positive ways to make a difference over the next several months? I am as well, and I’m going to focus on one of the things is very important to me as a Georgian: helping as many Democrats as possible win their legislative races so that the Democrats regain the majority in the next session of our General Assembly.

A couple of weeks ago Beth Moore, ATL attorney and Democratic member of the Georgia House, told me about a fundraising effort to help progressives in their campaigns to flip or hold swing statehouse districts in Georgia.  The Flipmasters concept is simple. There’s some serious work to do in the next few weeks leading up to November 3rd as Republicans throughout Georgia are challenged by viable Democrats.   But other than the districts right near where you live, for us amateurs and people who just care, who really has the time to do the research on which seats are most in need of resources in order to run successful campaigns? 

So Flipmasters set up an ActBlue page (https://berto.fyi/FlippingGeorgia2020) where anyone can donate money, in whatever amount, and those funds will be split among various campaigns as the contributor wishes— all to one, split among a few or split among all 27 best-chance campaigns to flip or hold a seat for progressive candidates.

I hope and think this idea will work— imagine if Democrats were in control come January of next year.  Imagine the differences in our state on issues we care about, from public education to health care, systemic and structural racism and the resulting hardened economic inequality,  from real electoral reform to effective environmental protection— and a host of other issues where cronyism and business as usual under Republican leadership has failed us all time and again. And consider the danger of Republicans maintaining their power and staying in control of the redistricting process for the next 10 years.

I truly believe it’s possible in November that Georgia could actually flip the House chamber to Democratic majority— to do so, we must protect the 14 House seats flipped in 2018 that are still vulnerable, and we need to pick up 16 more seats. That can be done with the Flipmasters donation site: it’s a one-stop-shop fundraiser that will surgically and methodically deploy financial resources directly to these critical races in the Georgia legislature.

We can make a difference with a donation to these worthy campaigns, all with a click on the Flipmasters link: https://berto.fyi/FlippingGeorgia2020

We all have a lot to be overwhelmed about, and we all have a lot competing for our focus including the Presidential and two Senatorial elections, not to mention the pandemic!  But to me, of those many big things, the chance to regain ground in the Gold Dome and this small and efficient act we  can do will help make that more likely— well it seems like that is certainly worth doing.

Thank you for reading, considering a donation and if you feel so compelled, sharing that link with likeminded friends.

Yours in peace, light and in hopes of electing better leaders,


P.S. The Flipmasters effort appeals to me due to its strategic and direct donations to viable campaigns that need resources to better compete.  Obviously there are many other groups in Georgia doing great work on related election issues, including these:

The Black Male Empowerment Project: https://blackmalevoterproject.org/

Progress Georgia: https://progressga.org/

Georgia WIN List: https://gawinlist.com/

Fair Fight: https://fairfight.com/

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