Wanted: Strong Candidates Who Believe in Public Schools by Jeff Bryant, Bertis Downs

A few years ago, I decided to quit bothering with politics. I’d had it with politicians who say one thing and do another, who say they support public schools but abandon this conviction once in office. Talk is cheap, and when it comes to public education, political talk is especially cheap.

I set about working to improve our local schools at the grassroots level, because the way we do education affects everybody’s kids. Soon, however, I realized that to make a difference in public education, I had to engage in politics.

So many important decisions that affect schoolchildren in my town, in your town and in every town in Georgia are made in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Politicians make decisions about funding our schools, providing extra support for students who need it, regulating the number of kids in classes, ensuring the quality of the facilities students learn in, determining the number and frequency of tests they take, and deciding how to interpret and use the results of those tests.

For the rest, please go here.

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