4 Simple Things

[This might be my only post on education for a while]


Education friends, teacher friends, CCSD friends, PEM-GA friends: if it’s “all about the kids” (as of course it is in education), I just hope the various authorities in charge heed their teachers’ advice, like this one from rural Arkansas:


Good teachers seem to know this, as teachers and humans– I just hope the rules they have to go by allow it.

(From the Arkansas, teacher/author):

“Children aren’t just smaller versions of adults. They are their own kind of being. They need to move, talk, question, and explore more than we do, because they’re in the midst of that mind-boggling explosion of cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth that marks childhood in our species. When it comes to behaviors like staying quiet or sitting still, it doesn’t make sense to hold young children to norms better suited to adults, because the way they experience the world is fundamentally different from the way grownups do.

In school, we often ask children to do things that are unreasonable given their developmental level. Worse still, we sometimes ask them to do things we would never expect of adults.

Take these four examples. (Just the headers but trust me, whooe thing worth reading)

1. Silence

2. Sitting Still for a Long Time

3. Forced Apologies

4. Zero Tolerance for Forgetfulness

Kids Are Kids. That’s Exactly Who They Should Be”